WP Discuss


WP Discuss

WP Discuss helps you to build the wordpress discuss website which will act as a forum for your customers to present their issues and solution about your products/services. WP Discuss comes with stacks of features using which you can add the sign-up form for registering the users, each forum’s topic will get displayed as a separate page on the website so that users can reply easily and receive great user experience.

WP Discuss provides a unique design which is very simple and easy to navigate. When you use this tool, it will automatically generate 3 primary pages to initiate your wordpress forum service instantly. These pages include one log-in, page with form for posting on new topics, page for accessing the existing topic. So you will receive your wordpress discussion website immediately without any complicated configuration.

Key Features of our WP Discuss

User Management

Using this feature, you can control your website and add the restrictions about who can view the content & start the new discussion. Also specify the role requirement of the user for publishing any new topic.

Control Registration

When a user will start registration, you can decide his/her role as well as add the compulsion about verifying via their emails. For additions, you can also get the approval request while any user tries to register.

Spam Reduction

Like registration, you can also add limitations per user for posting or reposting. This feature helps to reduce spamming. As an owner, you can also decide whether a new topic is important enough to get published or not.

Engaging Style

You can update the themes or colors using a WP Discuss’ customizer, by default it shows the standard and classic layout. You can also extend the available styles and integrate it with more optional templates.


Advantages of Using our Product


Time & Budget Friendly

This product is very easy to start which eventually saves lots of your productive time plus it comes with very budget friendly cost.


High Engagement Rate

You will start engaging with your customers immediately which helps your business to attract more potential buyers.


Expert Support

For any queries and issues arriving during the usage, you can always connect with our expert support team for a solution.