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Web Hosting

Web hosting industry offers the technology & services required for the website or web pages to get visible on the internet. All the businesses nowadays are run on the website and these websites are hosted or stored on the server.

Prixim has years of experience in providing web based solutions to the clients who use these web hosting services. We have a dedicated team who handle all the customers' problems related to the hosting or technology, so those companies are connected with Prixim for accessing the BPM services.

As web development also resides under the web hosting industry so Prixim also offers this affordable and customizable service to the companies so that they can make their online presence on the internet and connect with their clients.


Businesses also require the integration between their software and website, that’s why Prixim also developed the API services at an affordable price.

Prixim also offers you the best linguistic support depending upon your business requirements. We have expertise in English and Hindi who can help you remove the barriers in terms of achieving your organization goals.

We are certified with Payment Card Industries and their security standards which offers a perfect framework for providing security to the strong payment card processes for avoiding fraud happening on sensitive data during the transactions.

We offer affordable outsourcing web & IT services that will perfectly match your business needs. We always utilise in the latest trending technology and tools for offering best outsourcing solutions.