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KYC & Accounting

Prixim is offering KYC to identify your clients and giving you the idea about who you are doing business with because without knowing your clients you can we can’t trust anyone’s integrity. Prixim is offering this service electronically so it reduces the amount of time required for the completion of the process as compared with the traditional KYC approach. For your business, you can use our KYC services as it requires less documentation and available at affordable prices.

Advantages of using our KYC services:

Prevents you from the frauds

Regulatory compliance via authenticated sources.

Our Operational process is very easy.

Prixim also provides accounting services that are necessary for handling the financial part of every business. Our accounting solutions are professionally delivered to you with high-level security as well as confidentiality in the shortest turnaround time. Prixim always understands the customer’s exact requirements and develops a customized solution that best suits their business needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of accounting services such as accounts payable processing, receivable services, invoice factoring functions, document management, financial statement preparation, payroll processing, data conversion and more by promising data security, risk management and efficiency in the process.


Benefits of accessing our Accounting services:

You will receive the high-quality services delivered at feasible rates

We have expertise for handling your work who are having years of experience in the finance industry.

You will get quality services delivered within a given period of time.