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Back Office Services

By outsourcing back office service from the Prixim you can manage your business functions efficiently, effectively and increase the output. We handle both core as well as non-core functions of your business. This service is very cost effective and also productive.
Prixim provides back office services to enable your company and your employees to keep focused on the core primary goals of the business. We never use the standard solutions rather than analyse your complete business & prepare the solution that suits your business requirement in the best way.


Advantages of our back office support

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    As Prixim’s back office support strategies are all tried as well as tested and are efficient for all types of business so you can expect the satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Personalised Solutions

    Prixim provides the personalised solution to give you 100% guidance during the entire process and help to make adjustments if needed.

  • 24/5 Support Service

    prixim ‘s support team is already experienced and is capable of providing 24/5 support to any of your queries or the problems with accurate answers.

Out back office support includes


Knowledge Base

With this service, you can create a knowledge base for your individual department, receive base solutions and implement the work-flow process.


Virtual Assistant

We offer skilled virtual assistance that can perform multitasking, react on the request immediately and increase the hiring options as well.


Data Entry

In this function, we handle all sorts of your company data as well as verify and edit it as per the requirements and also stores it in the proper format.


Content moderation

We have developed the industry specific metric that will suit your business requirements; we also monitor web content & offer the feedback to improve your business.